Khadi Mauri Herbal Premium Shampoo 300 ml (Anti Hairfall)


Get stronger, shinier, and smoother hair: khadi mauri herbal anti hair loss shampoo is a combination of purest, most potent ingredients, specially crafted to help stop hair fall, nourish the scalp and restore damaged hair. It effectively delivers herbal nutrients to each hair strand from root to tip. This all-in-one herbal shampoo is all you need to get healthy, well-nourished, and fuller-looking hair.
Loaded with premium herbal ingredients: our dandruff shampoo is enriched with amla and other plant-based ingredients for complete hair care. Amla is rich in vitamin c, fatty acids, iron, and carotene that effectively nourishes hair follicles strengthens the scalp, and brings firmer, thicker, and fuller hair.
Perfect for dry damaged hair: regular use of organic shampoo can help you stop current hair loss and even reverse thinning. The plant-based ingredients target the root of damaged hair and make them thicker, healthier, stronger, and beautiful. This hydrating shampoo also locks in moisture, leaving your hair feel smoother, softer, and well-moisturized from root to tip.

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